What gloves are needed for shugaring

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Recently, in many areas of the Russian Federation and the CIS, many wonderful schools have opened and a lot of high-class masters have appeared, however there are also enough bad masters, as well as teachers. This is sad, because the poor-quality procedure of shugaring leads to serious problems of hair ingrowth, and painful sensations when using thick pastes reduce the reputation of the procedure as a whole. The wrong method of shugaring, the low awareness of the masters about the protocols of the procedures, the use of cheap and non-certified materials lead to terrible consequences, which spoils the attitude of customers to this service. Our goal is the development of a shugaring culture in general.

The blog is dedicated to the popular procedure shugaring. Sugar hair removal allows you to get rid of unwanted hairs for up to one month. Epilation makes your skin smooth and silky.

Varieties of materials

Many masters carry out the procedure without gloves, considering their use inconvenient and completely unnecessary. However, experienced specialists are more inclined to believe that for the purpose of hygiene and safety of the client, as well as the master himself, it is better to purchase gloves, choosing the most suitable for you.

What gloves need to choose so that they do not tear and it is convenient to work in them? It is best to select them in specialized stores, having studied the composition of the product and their properties before purchasing. For example, if they are too elastic or, on the contrary, rigid, then they are likely to be damaged during the procedure.

It is important to choose the best option for these purposes, especially if you buy them for professional use.

Shugaring can be done with gloves made of the following materials:

  1. Latex. This material is not very convenient, but quite budget. Using such a product during the procedure, you need to be prepared for the fact that it can quickly tear (if it does not work properly), slip and crawl off your hands. Latex gloves can cause various allergic reactions, since they limit the access of air to the skin and cause excessive sweating. Despite a number of shortcomings, many experts often choose this option, which is associated more with low cost than with their quality.
  2. Vinyl. To use vinyl gloves is not very convenient, since this material is devoid of elasticity and can be damaged during work. Despite this, it is convenient to work with them due to the smooth material and the absence of excessive perspiration. Vinyl gloves are a good option for shugaring, as they practically do not differ in price from latex products, and working in them is more comfortable. You can work in them both for beginners and professionals (the latter will be much easier and more comfortable to adjust to the properties of the material).
  3. Nitrile. They can rightly be called the best for shugaring. They are durable, moderately elastic, perfectly suited for the work of masters of different qualifications. A feature of the material is the addition of silk thread, which provides the necessary air circulation, prevents the development of allergic reactions. Shugaring with nitrile gloves will be comfortable and safe. There are several types of products made from this material: smooth, with pimples, etc. Their price is slightly higher compared to latex and vinyl, but the quality is appropriate.

What material to choose, decides each master on their own. Beginners should prefer to products made from nitrile, but professionals can work with gloves from budget materials.

Selection rules

To carry out the depilation with the help of shugaring it is important to pay attention not only to their material, but also to other characteristics:

  1. Suitable size. Skin protection should be tight to the hands. This will prevent unwanted creep of the product during the execution of manipulations, provide good sensitivity. Sugar depilation is performed using products of the smallest or medium size, and almost never large. However, all this is individual and will depend on the physiological data of the master.
  2. The presence of inside the powder. Products are powdered and powder-free. In powdered use medical powder, which provides easy donning and prevention of excessive sweating. The disadvantage of having powder inside the product is that it can sometimes cause allergic reactions. Powder-free products are chlorinated, which makes them easy to wear and does not stick together. The latter are a bit more expensive.
  3. Suitable weight. Depending on the weight chosen, the master will feel better or worse feel the client's skin. That is, the weight, in its essence, is the density of the product, and the lower it is, the better the tactile sensations. You can learn about it on the product packaging. By weight, they are standard (thin, intended for medical examination), medium and dense, which are used during procedures with an increased risk of infection.

For the procedure of depilation need gloves with an average weight. In them, the master will feel good on the treated surface, they will not tear and will ensure good performance.

An important criterion in the selection is sterility. It is useful in case of possible injury to the client’s skin and the occurrence of bleeding. It is not prohibited to use non-sterile products during the procedure.

Liquid gloves

Sometimes the master may puzzle the client: “I will do the depilation with liquid gloves». What is this kind of know-how? In fact, they are a protective film that has the consistency of a silicone gel. In addition to the composition of the tool includes other components. The basis of the drug is polydimethylsiloxane, which, in contact with the tissues, is capable of creating an inconspicuous film.

According to the manufacturer, such a film will protect the master's skin from chemicals during work. "Liquid protection" has several advantages:

  • does not constrain movement during manipulations,
  • provides excellent sensitivity
  • makes the procedure comfortable for the specialist and the patient.

The disadvantage of this remedy is that they are unable to protect the skin from pathogenic flora, which means that fungi, viruses and other microorganisms can easily penetrate into the cells of tissues, triggering the development of dangerous diseases. When working with clients, it is better to give preference to ordinary gloves: latex, nitrile or vinyl. They will be able to protect the skin and health in general, and with the right selection will provide excellent comfortable work.

Experts advise not to save on the purchase of gloves, as well as on tools and cosmetic tools, even in the initial stages of work. It is best for shugaring to take nitrile gloves of suitable weight and density.

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